Jack London: American Original


Jack London: American Original

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Most people remember Jack London as the author of “Call of the Wild” but more than that he is the template for the "modern hero” who rebels against society and changes it for the better. During his lifetime London rose from poverty to become the highest paid, most controversial and most popular writer in the world.

London had to drop out of school in the eighth grade to help support his family. Unwilling to play the role of the work-beast society had cast him in, he rebelled and became an outlaw. Realizing that the life of an outlaw had its own type of conformity with its bleak aspect of prison and quick death, he confronted the hypocrisy of the society in which he lived and changed his behavior through self-education.

Eventually, by becoming a writer, he became a true modern hero, effecting change not only in his own circumstances but in literature and society as well.

London’s character, love life, writings and personal philosophy are elucidated through interviews with leading scholars, his own photographs, literary works, and vintage film clips.

From the Klondike to the Far East to the South Seas, his adventures, romances and political views made headlines worldwide.
Not Rated
Documentary, Bio-pic, Art & Artists, Culture Vulture
Benjamin Goldstein
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