Invisible Nation

Engrossing and highly informative.

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Invisible Nation

INVISIBLE NATION is a comprehensive portrait of Taiwan and its many paradoxes: Taiwan is globally influential but systematically excluded; exists in de facto independence but threatened with war if it declares itself such; and being of strategic importance but denied diplomatic alliances. And the threat looming over all of this is China. With unprecedented access to Taiwan’s first female president Tsai Ing-wen, director Vanessa Hope crafts a fascinating portrait of Taiwan and the country’s struggle to preserve its hard-won democracy. INVISIBLE NATION is a living account of Tsai’s tightrope walk as she balances the hopes and dreams of her nation between the colossal geopolitical forces of the U.S. and China. Archive footage and TV news excerpts illustrate the long history of this constantly colonized island and provide context for the current political situation.

Director's Statement: “
Invisible Nation is my effort to ring the alarm bells about that future conflict, one that, unlike the war in Ukraine, can still be deterred. I began this film with a grant to focus on ‘Women, Peace and Security’ because I believe that we can learn to live in peace, especially by giving women equal treatment, status and voice, and that war need not be inevitable. I felt the subtext of the film on an emotional level throughout filming: that the discrimination, threat of violence, marginalization, and domination that Taiwan faces, that contribute to the vulnerability of its democracy, is not unlike the second class status and poor treatment most women face around the world which jeopardizes democracy everywhere. And yet, the women and democratic leaders of Taiwan offer tremendous hope for the future. We have a window of opportunity to act on Taiwan’s behalf now, before it’s too late. I hope that audiences see our film, engage in the challenging conversations needed for truth to prevail, and feel themselves to be an important part of the international community that can help the world see and support Taiwan.” - Vanessa Hope, 2024

*Winner, Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary - 2024 Sonoma Film Festival*
*Winner, One in a Million Award for Best Documentary - 2024 Sun Valley Film Festival*
*Winner, The Cinema for Peace Honorary Award - 2024 Cinema for Peace Foundation*
*Winner, Audience Award - 2023 Middleburg Film Festival*

"Taiwan’s transformation from an authoritarian state to a flourishing democracy determined to decide its own future is charted in the engrossing and highly informative documentary
Invisible Nation." ~ Richard Kuipers, Variety
Not Rated
Environment, Women and Film
English, Chinese
Vanessa Hope

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