This is indie filmmaking at its most poignant and profound.



Riley Carol, at a young age, found herself suddenly able to move between different parallel versions of her life. This was a thrilling adventure in her youth, but as she got older, and her wants and needs became more complex, she found herself getting lost between different lives, leading her ultimately to the brink of a mental breakdown after her parents disappeared and she couldn’t find her way back to them. Riley is brought to see a progressive and unusual therapist named Sandra who helps her learn to control the episodes, and with Sandra’s help she is able to piece together a carefully controlled “normal” life.

Daniel Cassanders has always heard voices. Diagnosed schizophrenic in high school, he was medicated through adolescence to help “normalize” him. As he grew up, Daniel found himself increasingly limited by his medications, and in his mid twenties he made the decision to go off the meds and embrace the voices that had tormented him in his youth. This is when LUCAS arrived. Akin to famous channels Esther Hicks and Darryl Anka, Daniel begins to channel Lucas, an alien multi consciousness, for small, and then increasingly larger groups of people. Over time, Daniel develops a loyal and devoted following, and works with Lucas’s teachings to write his first book. But as success blossoms, a nagging fear grows inside Daniel that he’s still that schizophrenic boy from highschool, a fraud spinning wild stories about things he has never experienced himself.

Riley and Daniel’s paths intertwine when Riley’s husband Toby dies suddenly and Riley finds herself unable to control her episodes as her grief overwhelms her. As she finds her realities blurring again, she stumbles upon Daniel’s book and seeks him out, hoping that he can help her make sense of these episodes, and learn to control them once again. Because if she can learn to control them, then maybe she can find a reality where Toby is still alive.

As they embark together on a journey through multiple realities, Daniel and Riley uncover a bond that surprises them both, with Daniel having sudden and visceral flashes of a life with Riley that feel like memories. And Riley begins to wonder if the husband she is trying to find is actually the man she is meant to be with...
Not Rated
Sci-Fi, Drama
Rachel Noll James
Sienna Beckman, Rachel Noll James
Rachel Noll James
Rachel Noll James, Christopher Clark, Johnny Ferro, Barbara Deering, Tim DeKay
Chris Jones, Overly Honest Movie Reviews

INGRESS is a journey you undertake, a dialogue you partake in. It’s a cinematic endeavor that invites reflection long after the screen fades to black. James has not just made a film; she’s woven an intricate narrative that celebrates personal evolution, artistic collaboration, and the relentless ...

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