I Blame Society

Its narrative is an exquisite example of how quickly the thin line between reality and art can blur.


I Blame Society

Gillian (Gillian Wallace Horvat) is one of those many struggling filmmakers in L.A. who just can't seem to get the money for their first feature. Feeling like her friends and her partner (Keith Poulson) are losing faith in her abilities, she decides to resurrect her abandoned documentary based on a pseudo-compliment she once received that she would make a good murderer. But while she documents what makes "the perfect murder" a hitherto unseen dark side of Gillian emerges and grows. Furthermore the problem with being a successful serial killer, she discovers, is keeping the whole thing stealth, denying her the recognition that she craves... and that unhinges her even more. After accidentally-ish killing her best friend (Chase Williamson), Gillian goes on a killing spree culminating with a final bloody act that nobody would dare deny her credit for.
Written, directed, and starring Wallace Horvat as a warped version of herself, I BLAME SOCIETY is razor-sharp satire of the pitfalls of post-#MeToo culture in Los Angeles. At once hilarious and genuinely disturbing, Horvat's film delves into the psyche of a young woman trying to believe in her dreams and herself... and facing the darkness that lurks inside in this macabre Cinderella story.
Gillian Wallace Horvat
Stephanie Archer, Film Inquiry

Have you ever thought about how you would commit the perfect murder? Hashed out the mechanisms of execution and the evasion of being caught? It seems like it is a conversation we have all had with others or ourselves at some point. How would you do it? And could you get away with it? This is the ...

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