Wright's film is warm, entertaining, and a great window into Hockney’s work.



(Hockney: A Life in Pictures)
HOCKNEY is the definitive exploration of one of the most significant artists of his generation. For the first time, David Hockney has given access to his personal archive of photographs and film, resulting in an unparalleled visual diary of his life.

The film chronicles Hockney’s vast career, from his early life in working-class Bradford, where his love for pictures was developed through his admiration for cinema, to his relocation to Hollywood where his life long struggle to escape labels (‘queer’, ‘working class’, figurative artist’) was fully realised. David Hockney offers theories about art the universe and everything: “I’m interested in ways of looking and trying to think of it in simple ways. If you can communicate that of course people will respond, after all everybody does look.“ But as HOCKNEY reveals, it’s the hidden self-interrogation that gives his famously optimistic pictures their unexpected edge and

HOCKNEY traces his struggle to escape labels, to live the American or Californian dream, but paradoxically never to break the ties to the childhood that formed him. Did Yorkshire
awkwardness in his blood give him the willpower to survive relationship problems, and later the AIDS plague that killed the majority of his friends? Acclaimed filmmaker Randall Wright offers a unique view of this unconventional artist who is now reaching new peaks of popularity worldwide, and, at 78, is as charismatic as ever, working in the studio seven days a week.

“…an astute and insightful documentary.” – Mark Adams, Screen Daily

"A wealth of intimate home-movie footage and an affinity for his subject invigorate Randall Wright’s unashamedly affectionate portrait of a British icon." – Mark Kermode, The Guardian

“Randall’s documentary is the most revealing documentary yet of Hockney’s character. It gives fans of his work the chance to watch him in his most natural state; at the easel.” – Flossie Topping, Ioncinema

“Directed by Randall Wright, who has form with older British artists having also made a doc about Lucian Freud and an earlier one for TV about Hockney (2003’s David Hockney: Secret Knowledge), HOCKNEY benefits from unfettered access to the artist’s personal archive as well as extensive
interviews with the still-productive 77-year-old himself.” – Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

“The feted British artist David Hockney emerges from this very sprightly documentary as a cross between Alan Bennett and Andy Warhol… What the film makes apparent isn't just Hockney's dandyism and brilliance, but also his formidable work ethic.” – Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent

“An engaging and affectionate tribute to one of the art world's most loveable characters.” – Wendy Ide, The Times

“Charismatic and candid. A joyful, intimate portrait.” – Hannah Lack, Dazed & Confused (UK)

“It shows this vitally important and unique artist to be still deeply engaged with his work…this is a fascinating film…” – Iain Millar, The Art Newspaper
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Bio-pic, Documentary
Randall Wright
Wendy Ide, Times (UK)

Documentary fans are spoilt for choice this week, with a rich crop of factual film-making on offer. The film with the broadest appeal is the engaging portrait of one of Britain’s best-loved artists. Hockney, directed by Randall Wright, is an affectionate, entertaining film that weaves together an ...

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