Headless Woman

“Every frame of this brilliant, maddeningly enigmatic puzzle of a movie contains crucial information... In its depiction of willed amnesia and collusion to conceal a hidden current of remembrance, “The Headless Woman” recalls Antonioni’s “L’Avventura” .... Like that same director’s “Blow-Up,” “The Headless Woman” is a metaphysical ghost story in which enigmatic clues are dropped about a possible crime...”


The Headless Woman

A wealthy South American woman (María Onetto) suffers a breakdown, haunted by the idea that she killed someone or something with her car. It’s the latest from Argentina’s Lucrecia Martel (La Ciénaga, The Holy Girl).

This official selection of the Cannes and New York Film Festival has been declared, “One of the great films of the decade” by Artforum Magazine, while Village Voice says “Martel’s strongest to date!” and the New York Times says, “The exacting formalism and beauty of THE HEADLESS WOMAN…is undeniable.”
Not Rated
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