‘Hamdardi’ is an Empathy-Laden Short Commenting on the 2017 U.S. Travel Ban



January 27th 2017, an executive order is place banning people from seven countries from entering the United States. Parked up at the airport is bereaved immigration officer Ethan Reynolds, in the midst of his own battle with child services. Despite adhering to their requests, he is still being made to wait to reunite with his daughter.

Inside the terminal, chaos ensues. Countless passengers are being whisked away into a holding room before being sent back to where they came from. Among them is Parvaneh, a nine-year-old Iranian girl who has traveled with her brother to visit their dying father. Her youthful trepidation is justified by the cold and calculated approach of the immigration officers, led by Hank Henson, who seemingly enjoys his new found power.

As the day progresses Ethan is tasked with taking Parvaneh into holding. She looks to her brother for comfort as well as from strangers detained in the room with her. At first, Ethan finds himself following orders, knowing that he as child services to appease. However he can't help but develop a connection with the young girl; a mirror to what he is going through with his own daughter.

Spurred on by the moral questioning of lawyer, Carol Williams, Ethan begins to query what is being asked of him by his boss. Time is of the essence, as Parvaneh and her brother find themselves scheduled on an imminent flight back to Iran. This leaves Ethan with a choice to make, where he has to either follow what feels right in his heart or play it safe and follow orders.
Ashley Tabatabai, Stefan Fairlamb
Ashley Tabatabai
Ashley Tabatabai
Ashley Tabatabai, Mitchell Mullen, Arian Nik, Ayla Rose, Helene Maksoud, Emilio Doorgasingh, Baxter Gaston, Walles Hamonde, Emma Leah Golding
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