Go for Sisters

Hamilton, Ross and Olmos [are] sublime actors who radiate grit and grace...a movie that stays inside your head long after you see it. It’s a keeper.


Go for Sisters

When they were girls Bernice and Fontayne were as close as sisters. Time and trouble have taken their toll and 20 years later they meet again–when one is the parole officer for the other. Bernice needs help from the dark side and calls on Fontayne, who is just out of prison and fighting to stay clean. Bernice’s son Rodney is missing and may be found on the Mexican border in hiding or in the hands of smugglers. The friends enlist “The Terminator” Freddy Suárez, a disgraced ex-LAPD detective suffering from macular degeneration, to help them find the boy before it’s too late.

How far would you go for an old friend?
Not Rated
English, Spanish
John Sayles
Edward James Olmos, Yolanda Ross, Harold Perrineau, Manny Montana, Mahershala Ali, Isaiah Washington, Hector Elizondo, Martha Higareda, Jessica Pimentel
Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

Set along the U.S.-Mexico border, "Go for Sisters" touches on themes that have been central to John Sayles' work for decades: class, race, power and corruption. The indie stalwart departs from his recent playbook by placing a rather conventional plot, rather than political point-making, firmly in ...

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