This Giant Paper Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy

A wonderful film, very funny - every SF fan should see it!


This Giant Paper Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy

When three ordinary guys go to a sci-fi convention and start watching an old B movie, they get a bit more when they bargained for. Suddenly they get sucked into the movie itself and are trapped in a low-budget sci-fi universe. At the helm of a rickety old spaceship they soon stumble into trouble, make an enemy of the evil Lord Froth and rescue an uppity space princess. To make matters worse one of them starts to think he is a sci-fi character. They embark on a quest to save their friend and get themselves home. Giant lizards, sexy Amazons, kooky robots and enough crazy mayhem that could only be found in a B-grade movie. Will they survive long enough to solve it all and save the day?

"The biggest surprise of this year's BostonSciFi - The audience loved it! It could easily become a breakout." – Boston Sci-FiFilm Festival

“It’s easily one of my favourite kiwi films ever. I actually already want to watch it again” – Karl Burnett - Shortland Street

“Th­e best film title of the year!” – Simon Morris Radio NZ

“Let’s face it, who hasn’t tried to use the force” – Christian Nicolson - Writer/Director/Producer of Boulder

“It's like Galaxy Quest meets Monty Python” – Louis Savy Sci-fi London Director

“The best movie title I have seen at the Cannes So Far” – Rebecca Summerton – Producer 52 Tuesdays

"I bloody loved this film.. It's so funny, self-deprecating and smart. What a feat to have pulled that off. So impressive". - Claire Chits

Winner Best Dramatic Presentation – Sir Julius Vogel Awards (NZ)

Winner Best Comedy - Boston Sci Fi Film Festival 2016

Winner Best Dramatic Presentation - Sir Julius Vogel Award

Winner Best Comedy - London Sci Fi Film Festival 2016

Winner Best Comedy - Miami Sci Fi Film Festival 2017

Winner Best Sci Fi - Gencon Film Festival 2016

Winner Best Independent Film (supreme award) - Starburst Film Festival 2016

Winner Best Production Design - The Zone Film Festival 2016

Winner Staff Choice Best Feature - Another hole in the head film festival 2016

Nominated Best Director and Best Actor Roswell Film Festival

9/10 Starburst magazine uk

4 stars Golden Bay Weekly

4 stars viewers
Not Rated
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Christian Nicolson
Christian Nicolson Andrew Beszant
Christian Nicolson, Sez Niederer
Simon Foster, Screen-Space

Playing sweet and silly while keeping irony in check is one of the many endearing traits of multi-hyphenate Christian Nicolson’s fan-boy movie-gasm, 'This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy.' The Auckland-based writer-director’s passion project is roughhewn but undeniably crowd ...

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