An astonishment, realized with a technique and a touch that are unique in the current cinema...An extraordinary and memorable film.



GAVAGAI is the work of a very singular and rare film artist, Rob Tregenza. His uncompromising cinematic vision and devotion has led him to direct such celebrated Independent films as Talking to Strangers, The Arc and Inside Out. He has worked with Jean-Luc Godard and, as a cinematographer with particular belief in long takes, for Alex Cox (Three Businessmen) and Bela Tarr (Werckmeister Harmonies). GAVAGAI is his wonderful new film, only the fifth feature he's made in 30 years, and his first in almost two decades.

"In this innovative and moving project, Director Rob Tregenza and screenwriter Kirk Kjeldsen have adapted the poetry of the Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas (1897-1970) to the screen. Andreas Lust (
Revanche) plays Carsten Neuer, a grieving husband whose wife had been translating Vesaas' poems into Chinese before her death. Neuer travels to Telemark, Vesaas' home turf, partly in the hopes of finding a fitting resting place, and partly in an attempt to come to terms with his grief. Through its subtle treatment of the twists and turns of individual loss, Gavagai stands as both a remarkable homage to an important figure in Scandinavian literature and a humor-tinged journey into the underworld of grief."- J. M. Tyree, author of Vanishing Streets, Our Secret Life in the Movies.
Not Rated
Norwegian, English
Rob Tregenza
Andreas Lust, Anni-Kristina Juuso, Mikkel Gaup

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