Fuller Life

Samantha Fuller's film works not only as a valentine from a daughter to her filmmaker-father, but an absorbing and illuminating piece of film history.


A Fuller Life

A FULLER LIFE celebrates the independent spirit of a true American maverick whose unique output broke new ground in journalism, filmmaking, storytelling and even service to his country. The story takes us through highlights of Samuel Fuller’s unconventional and adventurous life spanning a century of American
history, a great man’s great yarn, a love song to democracy, and an hymn to independence, originality, and endurance.

A FULLER LIFE presents for the first time recently discovered 16 mm films shot by Fuller, footage he shot on the front lines during World War II as well as location scouts and home movies. Every word spoken in this documentary, whether by a performer or from a clip of one of his films, was written by him, creating a
posthumous self-portrait of the subject in his own words.

Adapted from Sam Fuller’s award-winning autobiography,
A Third Face, the film consists of 12 segments, each of which features an admirer of Sam's dramatizing their interpretation of Sam's memoirs. Set in the late director’s historic office, the cast channels Fuller amid his beloved Royal typewriter, massive collection of
books, screenplays, treatments, war memorabilia, and, of course, the ever-present big, fat cigar.
Not Rated
Documentary, Bio-pic, History
Samantha Fuller

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