Free Time

A beautiful portrait of youth, decay, and solitude in New York City.


Free Time

In the tradition of New York’s greatest street photographers, Manny Kirchheimer’s FREE TIME is a new film based on lustrous B&W footage he and Walter Hess shot throughout the city from 1958-1960. New York’s stately architectural beauty contrasts with rough and raw scenes of kids playing stickball, window washers balancing precariously, and stoop-sitters reading the paper or daydreaming. The ways in which life in Washington Heights differs from Hell’s Kitchen, the Upper West Side, or the Financial District are captured with a sensitive, loving eye and an ear for the musical rhythms of city life. Complementing FREE TIME is Rudy Burckhardt’s classic UNDER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE: Early 1950s Brooklyn is both majestic and grubby, dangerous and exhilarating – but never more so than when a gaggle of boys strip off their clothes and dive into the East River for a swim.
Not Rated
Documentary, Photography
Manny Kirchheimer
Jonathan Christian, The Playlist

A beautiful portrait of youth, decay, and solitude in New York City. There is power in silence. This 60-minute exploration of New York City speaks louder than most films. Kirchheimer’s 60-year-career fundamentally consists of nonfictional love letters to the sprawling urban landscape of NYC ...

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