An unpredictable, anarchic thriller following a group of actors who take the audience hostage during a theatre play.

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In a Japanese theatre, an audience of two hundred people watch a play. It quickly becomes clear that events onstage are going off-script, building to the players locking the doors and trapping everyone inside. The story then flashes back six months to follow two of the actors: Sho, who continually gets humiliated at auditions, and Tatsu, harassed by his father and working in a convenience store. Sho and Tatsu decide to follow their dreams by putting on their own play. Using criminal schemes to raise money, and soon in trouble with the local Yakuza, the play is their last chance to turn their lives around.
Horror, Thriller
Shugo Fujii
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi ~ Executive Producer, Masunobu Motokawa, Umezawa Yukari
Shugo Fujii
Takahiro Ochi, Toshiki Kudo, Ayaka Yamagami, Rei Yamashita, Tomoya Mochizuki, Ayumu Okumoto, Rei Yamashita
Panos Kotzathanasis, Asian Movie Pulse

Following on the footsteps of “Mimicry Freaks” on of the most brutal, most extreme and most weird horror films of 2019 is not exactly an easy thing to do, but Shugo Fujii’s next title, “Frantic” is even more ambitious, as its base is extremely meta, revolving on a film about a stage play, before it ...

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