FGFF - Friday Late Scares


FGFF - Friday Late Scares

MAYA - the Sacrifice trailer is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness.

MAKE A WISH -A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

ELYSIA - When a vampire's child dies of old age after refusing to be turned, it drives his mother to extreme lengths to fill the void needed.

HATCHED - A thriller about a mother who buys her mischievous daughter a friendly pet robot that threatens to break this once happy family apart.

A BAD PLACE - The story of another place, another time, where three female strangers must evade a shadowy force and their own grim pasts, as they try to find a way beyond a nightmare world that exists in a foggy edge of reality.
There are currently no showtimes for this film. Please check back soon.