FGFF - Female Filmmaker Friday


FGFF - Female Filmmaker Friday

Join FirstGlance for our Female Filmmaker Friday program.

BORNE, BOTTLES - A toxic relationship finds some air in the silence of a hospital room. As a daughter unloads a lifetime of things unsaid, she is forced into the realization that closure, just like life, is on a timeline of its own.

HAPPY ROLLS - In the midst of wanting to fit in, a young girl struggles to understand her own cultural roots. This film is in English and Vietnamese with English subtitles.

LEARNING TO RIDE- Nina is preparing to leave New York for a new life in California, but before she can go, she must learn how to ride a bicycle.

I AM NORMAL - A sane woman fakes the symptoms of a mentally unstable patient in order to be admitted into a mental institution for a secret psychiatric experiment. Inspired by the Rosenhan Experiment of 1973.

URANIA, LEILUS - A young female journalist is subjected to death threats and intimidation after witnessing human rights abuses at an ICE detention center for undocumented immigrant children.

WITCHIN' - A young witch's dream of making the best potion in her class takes her to the mysterious world of human males, in search of a powerful ingredient: Big Dick Energy.
There are currently no showtimes for this film. Please check back soon.