Fantastic Machine

Crystal Bear ~ Generation 14plus Best Film
Berlin International Film Festival
AG Kino Gilde ~ Cinema Vision 14plus
Berlin International Film Festival
World Cinema Jury Prize
Sundance Film Festival
This searing and shocking examination of our popular culture, where content is king, is strongest when it scares the viewer.


Fantastic Machine

What happens when humanity’s infatuation with itself and an untethered free market meet 45 billion cameras…

Filmmakers Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck (
Ten Meter Tower, Jobs For All!) once again turn their cameras directly on society, this time to explore, explain and expose how our unchecked obsession with image has grown to change our human behavior.

From Camera Obscura and the Lumiere Brothers all the way to YouTube and the world of social media, the film chronicles how we went from capturing the image of a backyard to a multibillion-Euro content industry in just 200 years.

With an exclusive use of archival and found footage, the film uses the very medium it examines, in a self-reflective yet hilarious montage.

“Seeing is believing in Fantastic Machine, an entertaining, whistle-stop tour through two centuries of image-making from the first precious photograph to an era in which everyone is a potential ’content provider.'" – Allan Hunter, Screen International

“Danielson and Van Aertryck, through a flurry of fascinating images, make the sharp point that we need to get smarter about how we process what we see.” – Sean P. Means, The Movie Cricket

Written, directed and produced by Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck.
Not Rated
Documentary, Technology, Films & Filmmakers, Internet Culture
Swedish, French, German, Arabic, English
Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck
Nominee, Crystal Bear ~ Generation 14plus Best Film, Berlin International Film Festival
Winner, AG Kino Gilde ~ Cinema Vision 14plus, Berlin International Film Festival
Winner, World Cinema Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival
Nominee, Grand Jury Prize ~ World Cinema: Documentary, Sundance Film Festival
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