Everything - The Real Thing Story

A masterful bit of storytelling about a brilliant band, who, after decades of being all but written out of history, deserve nothing less.


Everything - The Real Thing Story

Success for Black British musicians in the UK was pretty rare until the last quarter of the 20th century. It took until the long, hot summer of 1976 for the first all-black group to grab the top spot. That group was The Real Thing, four pioneers from Liverpool whose emergence played a key role in changing the musical landscape on those shores.

Simon Sheridan’s documentary, EVERYTHING - THE REAL THING STORY, lets the surviving members of the group tell their own story, recalling their rise from the tough streets of Toxteth in Liverpool, to winning over hundreds of thousands of fans across the UK. But it’s one that has to be told against the background of overt racism during the ‘70s and ‘80s at time when racial tensions were boiling over due to constant incitement by right wing neo-Nazi groups.
Not Rated
Documentary, Black History Month
Simon Sheridan
Billy Ocean, Kim Wilde, Chris Amoo, Eddie Amoo
Joe Muggs, The Arts Desk

This documentary is bittersweet viewing on quite a number of levels. First, it’s got all the glory and tragedy of the most compelling music stories: a Liverpool band struggling from humble beginnings, trying to find an identity, fraternity and fallings-out, coping with huge success and its aftermath ...

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