Coming Clean

An indictment of capitalism run rampant, and, once again, profit taking precedence over human life.


Coming Clean

COMING CLEAN from Sundance Grand Jury Winner Ondi Timoner (DIG!, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC and MAPPLETHORPE), blazes a trail of action and empathy around the deadliest drug epidemic in our nation's history. Our feature documentary unleashes all that film has to offer, diving into every corner of the country's urgent opioid crisis. COMING CLEAN weaves together captivating animation and deeply personal stories of loss and recovery to layout what's at stake and to demonstrate the history, science, and capitalistic systems that form the underpinning of this crisis. COMING CLEAN is a journey into a dark and painful subject but make no mistake: this is a story - and a fight - that's rooted in hope, beauty, and connection.
Not Rated
Documentary, Health, Politics, Greg's List
Ondi Timoner
Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

Coming Clean is a comprehensive overview of the opioid crisis in the United States, circa late 2020, through the lens of humane efforts in Utah and Colorado to take on the crisis. The documentary features interviews with recovering addicts and political leaders on the frontlines. The stated goal of ...

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