Choir and Conductor


The Choir and Conductor

The Choir and Conductor, a sequel to the Academy Award nominated documentary SING!, tells the dramatic story of visionary conductor, Anne Tomlinson, who was hired when few women were given the chance, and her extraordinary impact on children who love singing together as part of the world-renowned Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

Billie Eilish, who has a brief appearance in the film as an alumnus of the Chorus, learned to sing starting at age eight when she, like thousands of choristers, was electrified by the charismatic Tomlinson who uses the power of choral singing to profoundly shape and transform the lives of children.

The film poses the critical question - what happens when a nation invests in the artistic and musical life of its children? And what difference can one person make if given the opportunity?

With nationwide cutbacks in the arts and disruption in children’s lives due to the pandemic, conductor Anne Tomlinson says, “It’s so important that our children not lose their voices and that our country not lose the voice of their children.”

The music tour concludes in Los Angeles with Tomlinson preparing the children for a performance at the iconic Hollywood Bowl, the opera Othello; her last performance with the LACC as a conductor after 22 years of developing and creating the renowned Choir.

This story is both an illuminating look at artistic genius and what a person — a woman given the chance — can build and impact as an artist and teacher.

Says 14-year-old Allison, “She’s an incredible example of what it’s like to be a strong, powerful woman in a world that is mostly controlled by men. She has taught us how to be individuals and how to find who we are through music – she often says we’re going to change the world someday.”
Not Rated
Documentary, Music
Freida Lee Mock


(Runtime: 91min)
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