Calling All Earthlings


Calling All Earthlings

Claiming alien guidance, a man builds a machine that can provide unlimited energy. Could the Integratron actually work? Will he finish it or could the government finish him? Calling All Earthlings explores a do-it-yourself desert counterculture that continues to contest the mainstream.

Calling All Earthlings explores one of the first 1950’s UFO movements, led by George Van Tassel, a one-time Howard Hughes confidante. Van Tassel combines extraterrestrial guidance with “outsider science” to build a time machine, which he dubs “the Integratron.” Van Tassel pursues his electro-magnetic dome against all odds. Is he right…. could the Integratron really work? FBI agents try to halt the growing army of outliers who gather in the desert to create a collective -- and threatening — reality on the edge of the stultifying American Dream. An empathetic inquiry into an archetypical countercultural movement, the story is told by the residents of Joshua Tree, who must defend against rampant militarism while pursuing a different version of what life could be...

Produced and Directed by Jonathan Berman (“Commune”).

• JJ and Desiree Hurtak, authors of Keys of Enoch
• Nancy and Joanne Karl and Tron, Stewards of the Integratron
• Eric Burdon, Singer for The Animals and War
• Valerie Braveheart, Healer, Home of the Heart, Joshua Tree
• Art Kunkin, Founder of the L.A. Free Press, life extension experimenter
• Ernest Siva, Tribal Historian of the Morongo Indians
• Dr. Thomas Valone, Integrity Research Institute
• Daniel & Matt Boone, George Van Tassel’s son-in-law and grandson
• Bob Berman, Astronomy Magazine and host of NPR’s Sky Window

Not Rated
Documentary, History, Sci-Fi
Jonathan Berman
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