Call Me Dancer

Astonishing! It’s the classic underdog story… touching… lustrous imagery.

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Call Me Dancer

CALL ME DANCER is a story of perseverance, passion, culture, and an unlikely friendship. It follows Manish Chauhan, a street dancer from Mumbai, whose working-class parents depend on their only son's support. When he accidentally walks into an inner-city dance school and encounters a brilliant but curmudge only 70-year-old Israeli ballet master, a hunger develops within him. Ambitious and passionate, Manish is determined to make it as a professional dancer, but the odds are stacked against him.

CALL ME DANCER is a story of hope, heartache, and hard work. Together, Manish and Yehuda transform each other’s lives, searching to uncover who and what they are. Yehuda seeks purpose and a place to call home. Manish dreams of dancing on the world-stage but struggles to break free from the confines of his economic and social circumstances.
Not Rated
Documentary, Dance
English, Hindi
Pip Gilmour, Leslie Shampaine

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