A harrowing edge-of-your-seat adventure tale with social punch.



Spirited 14-year-old Chakra works the rice fields with his family. He yearns for independence and seeks out a local broker who can get him paid work in a Thai factory. Without telling his family, Chakra travels to Bangkok to make his fortune. But when he gets there, he and his new friend Kea realize the broker has lied to them. Along with other Cambodians and Burmese, they are sold to a fishing captain as slaves. Chakra and Kea are trapped at sea, trawling fish 22 hours a day, surviving on just a handful of cold rice a day. The captain quickly weeds out those weakened by the conditions or trying to escape, and throws them overboard. The trawler sells its catch and restocks its supplies without going to land, making escape impossible. As fellow slaves are tortured and murdered around them, Kea begins to lose his mind. When his only ally is killed, Chakra looks to Rom Ran to understand what it will take to be free. With hope and humanity dwindling, Chakra decides to take control of the trawler.
Not Rated
Drama, Art House
Rodd Rathjen
Rodd Rathjen
Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

Australia’s hopeful in the Oscar’s reinvented International Feature Film category is the shocking adventure drama Buoyancy, shot in Cambodia with Khmer and Thai dialogue. It turns what could have been another sad immigrant story into a stomach-tightening actioner with overtones of social horror in ...

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