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The Billionaire

Victor Ognisanti di Parerga is an exceedingly prudish young gay billionaire of Sri Lankan descent. He seems to be the ultimate narcissist too, but is in fact quite the old-fashioned romantic at heart. His late, beloved father had set daunting conditions for any man who wished to marry Victor - the suitor must turn $10,000 into $3 million in 6 months. His first spouse Alex - an amateur boxing champion - had passed the test, but their marriage has since collapsed, and Alex is already involved with another guy who calls himself "Thong-hunter" on social media, much to Victor's disgust. Victor subsequently meets a handsome and almost ascetically religious French American doctor who strikes him as spouse material for being very pure and pristine - and indeed the attraction is mutual. He is surprised to discover, however, that the doctor's deceased religious mother had set her own daunting conditions for any man who wished to marry her son! In this case, the doctor's suitor must make his living alone and unaided for 6 months with only 100 euros to start with. For the first time in his life, Victor resolves to swallow his pride, and do whatever it takes to achieve his happily ever after - even seeking work in a sweatshop! Things become more complicated when one of Victor's ex-boyfriends threatens a lawsuit for assault and battery, and a question still remains - notwithstanding Victor and the Doctor being able to pass their respective parents' tests, can the two would-be spouses reconcile their somewhat opposing worldviews? Or are they really soul-mates after all, in spite of the perceived incompatibility between a mighty billionaire and a humble doctor? This film is a contemporary, gender-swapped adaptation of Bernard Shaw's 1930s play 'The Millionnairess', set in the modern day context of Gay Marriage, while paying homage to the styles and sensibilities of Classic Hollywood films.
Not Rated
Michael Philip
Glen Reynolds, Jo Marr, Michael Philip, Gehan Cooray
Gehan Cooray, based on a play by Bernard Shaw
Gehan Cooray, Jordan Belfi, Randy Wayne, Davi Santos, Heather Tom, Brian Carleton, Spencer Squire, Kit Chester, Derek Carley

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