Bill Coors: The Will to Live

Bill Coors: The Will to Live

Bill Coors is known for being a titan of the beer and brewing industry but what is less known is the heroic personal journey he undertook to discover a holistic answer to treat the depression and anxiety that had plagued his family for generations.

In 1981, Bill Coors, captain of industry and brewing titan, was asked to give a speech to the graduating students of the American Academy of Achievement on the topic of “success.” It was a deeply personal account, groundbreaking at the time, of how he had to overcome the debilitating stress and depression, which had plagued his family for generations and how he had cultivated ‘The Will To Live,’ despite suffering unimaginable personal tragedy.

In an inspirational documentary that spans 101 years, Bill Coors relates, through his impressive family history, how he was able to self diagnose, treat and manage his symptoms effectively and holistically to lead an extraordinarily accomplished life. In the process he created a road map to his success without the stress and anxiety that often accompanies it.

Bill’s story is juxtaposed against some of today’s YouTubers and young influencers all of whom struggle with the types of issues Bill faced almost a century ago. The parallels between his stress and anxiety in the 1920’s– and the stress and depression teens face today are just staggering and dramatically highlight the need for change. What both generations have mastered however, is a fierce “Will to Live”.

Bill's solution was both simple and at the same time, complex. It took a lifetime to master and has become his legacy.
Documentary, Health
Kerry David
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