Becoming Cousteau

Succeeds beautifully in its goal of reminding viewers of Jacques Cousteau's important legacy of underwater exploration and environmental activism.

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Becoming Cousteau

Adventurer, filmmaker, inventor, author, unlikely celebrity and conservationist: For over four decades, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his explorations under the ocean became synonymous with a love of science and the natural world. As he learned to protect the environment, he brought the whole world with him, sounding alarms more than 50 years ago about the warming seas and our planet’s vulnerability.

In BECOMING COUSTEAU, from National Geographic Documentary Films, two- time Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus takes an inside look at Cousteau and his life, his iconic films and inventions, and the experiences that made him the 20th century’s most unique and renowned environmental voice — and the man who inspired generations to protect the Earth.
Documentary, Bio-pic, Nature, Environment, Women and Film
French, English
Liz Garbus
Vincent Cassel (narrator)
Todd McCarthy, Deadline Hollywood Daily

The multiple generations who grew up mesmerized by the underwater cinematic adventures of Jacques-Yves Cousteau will be able to learn a good deal more about the man’s life and work in 'Becoming Cousteau.' Among the many gifts of Liz Garbus’ filled-to-the-gills documentary is the way it positions the ...

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