With the Supreme Court’s recent anti-abortion ruling, the doc is poised to become an instruction manual for mobilizing the pro-choice movement.

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Battleground is an urgently timely window into the intersection of abortion and politics in America, following three women who lead formidable forced birth organizations to witness the enormous influence they wield. As the nation faces the end of Roe, the film also depicts those on the front lines of the fierce fight to maintain access.

"A truly eye-opening glimpse into a remarkably focused group." ~ Elizabeth Weitzman, The Wrap

"A powerful wake-up call that answers the question millions of Americans are asking right now: how have we arrived at this unimaginable turning point?" ~ Women and Hollywood

"Personal, timely and brimming with ideas, overflowing with pain. There are timely films and then there is Cynthia Lowen's
Battleground." ~ Kate Erbland, Indiewire
Not Rated
Documentary, Women and Film, Health, Activism, Politics
Cynthia Lowen

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