Automatic Hate

[One of] the 10 best films I saw at SXSW 2015... [with] the most explosively uncomfortable dinner party scene ever.


The Automatic Hate

When Davis Green's alluring young cousin Alexis appears on his doorstep one night, he discovers that a side of his family has been kept secret from him. Against his father’s wishes, Davis travels to rural, upstate New York to meet his other cousins. While wrestling with a taboo attraction to one another, he and Alexis attempt to reunite their families, uncovering the reasons behind a long-standing rift and the shocking secret that tore their fathers apart. Together, their discoveries force them to confront the temptation to keep their familial grudge going rather than end it.

“A film that confronts the viewer in unconventional ways, and stays with you long after the credits roll….An unconventional love story that also crosses boundaries into family drama, psychological thriller, mystery and morality play... [it] is fascinating, and creates a film that is both challenging and entertaining.” – Horrorella, Ain’t it Cool News

“[One of] the 10 best films I saw at SXSW 2015... [with] the most explosively uncomfortable dinner party scene ever....a sort of "Romeo and Juliet" incest tale of two cousins who face their mutual attraction, this one has headline-making potential…” – Ryan Lattanzio, Thompson on Hollywood

“...never pulls back from [its] sometimes unanswerable questions, which is what makes it a beautiful film to experience.” – Lisa Mejia, Austin Fusion Magazine

“Australian actress Adelaide Clemens shines in Justin Lerner’s nicely paced indie drama/thriller.” – Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times

“Hilarious and frequently unnerving journey.” - Julius Kassendorf, The Solute

“It’s an honest and heartfelt look at the lines that society draws and the consequences of crossing them.” – Alexander Lowe, We Got This Covered

“The tension of “The Automatic Hate” requires a chainsaw to cut through…” – Evan Rodriguez, Austin 360
Not Rated
Justin Lerner
Joseph Cross, Deborah Ann Woll, Richard Schiff, Ricky Jay
Dennis Harvey, Variety

The family you never knew you had turns out to be the family you may wish you never met in Justin Lerner’s “The Automatic Hate.” This arresting seriocomedy deftly walks a tightrope between droll and tense, over a gaping pit of crazy. It will require very careful handling to access appreciative ...

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