Artemis - Pure Badass


Artemis - Pure Badass

HEY BLUE EYES - A woman who, suspecting her husband of having an affair, gets more than she bargained for when she investigates the truth. Daniel John Harris, Director; Erin Breen; Aubrey Marquez; Joshua Gibbons; Elise Zell. Adult themes.

OLGA - When Olga finds the man who killed her parents before her eyes, it's time for him to get what's coming to him. Fight action violence.

BLACKWELL SUMMERS MYSTERIES - A feisty duo fighting injustice and giving a voice to the defenseless using brute force and killer brains. Emily Dell, Director; Rebecca Nyahay; Raushanah Simmons; Ryan Andes; J. David Brimmer; Paul Arthur. All ages.

LYDIA'S LAST ONE - A hitwoman trying to retire in 1970s New York is tasked with one last job... Darina V. Sikmashvili, Director; Tracilyn Jones; Brian Kelly; David Reichler; David Nash. Adult themes.

FIGHT ROOM - Female fighters are kidnapped and blackmailed into fighting in an underground tournament. Gillian MacGregor; Emily Corcoran; Zara Phythian. Adult themes; fight action violence.

INTERROGATION - When Frankie's husband is detained at the airport for being a spy, she must decide whether to sacrifice her secrets to save him. Stefanie Butler; Daniel Harray; Gys De Villiers; Junior Aristide; Blanca Rosario; Alec Ruiz Adult themes.

RELAPSE - Haunted by a past he thought he'd outrun, Dust is forced into his old ways to rescue his former partner from a vengeful madman. James Poirier, Director; Dre Swain; Gabriel Caste; Nick Apostolides; James Logan. Adult; war action violence.

STEALTH AND SILENCE - An assassin fights to get an ancient relic while a young girl may have powers. Louisa Phung, Producer/Director; Maja Aro, Stunt Coordinator; Jeff Aro, Fight Choreographer; Lennox Johnson Yu; Georgie Daburas; Aliyah O'Brien. Martial arts violence.
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