Artemis - Perchance to Dream


Artemis - Perchance to Dream

La Folia - La Folia follows the pain, loss, joy and redemption of a young ballet student whose body type excludes her from being considered for a role for which she is eminently qualified in both skill and passion. Adam Grannick, Director; Tina Motoki; Tessa Stokes; Rosanne Rubino; Omayra Amaya; Kiyoko Kashiwagi. All ages.

TOYS - In 1930s farm country, a father wants a son, but he gets a little girl. He tries to toughen her up by giving her toys intended for boys. His efforts backfire when she proves a little too capable for comfort. Amanda Quaid, Director; Peggy Pope; John Leonard Thompson; Mischa Tedesco. All ages.

HOODS - Upon finding her beloved Grams dead, Scarlet Hood must unravel truths about her Grams torrid past in order to carry on her legacy. Maja Aro, Director; Eva Bourne; Aleks Paunovic; Ty Olsson; Gabrielle Rose. All ages.

IRON DREAM - In the darkest hours of the French revolution, deputy Maximilien de Robespierre has created a secret elite team of spies and assassins. David Fakrikian, writer & Director; Alexandre Brasseur; Yubai Zhang; Christophe Picot; Williams Charler; Jonathan Henry. Martial arts violence.

PINTU - Abused girls refuse the role of the victim and seek help from the women around them. Viktoria Szemeredy, Director; Shiraz Dejbakhsh; Paul Yeshi Eperjesi, Tunjung Crystal. Adult themes.

ORDINARY DAYS - Two young Japanese actresses struggle to survive in New York. Takashi Horie: Director; Yuriko Miyake: Saori Goda: Yoshi Amao: Ela Thier: Kyo Kasumi. All ages.


(Runtime: 84min)
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