Artemis - Herstory


Artemis - Herstory

KICKASS KATIE LEE - Katie Lee, the 96 year old activist who opposed the Glen Canyon Dam and has forever been it's immutable warrior and outspoken foe. Adult themes.

MARGARET LAMBERT STORY - A Jewish athlete is barred from competition during Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games, despite being the best high-jumper in Germany and arguably the world. All ages.

I SHOT EINSTEIN - A documentary interview about the life and work of veteran photojournalist Marilyn Stafford, who blazed the trail for modern female photographers. All ages.

INEZ MILHOLLAND ~ FORWARD INTO LIGHT - A window into the Women's Suffrage Movement through the sacrifice of an American Amazon who will inspire today’s woman as much as she did 100 years ago. All ages.

WE CAN DO IT: STORIES OF ROSIE THE RIVETER - In World War II millions of courageous women, most of them teenagers, joined the labor force and coined the term 'Rosie the Riveter.' They didn't realize they were changing the world forever. Scott Bethe, director; Scott Bethel & Jody Valet, producers. All ages.
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