And the Winner Isn't


And the Winner Isn't

Geoffrey Moore, the son of Sir Roger Moore KBE, has written and recorded a song for charity. His aim is to raise as much funds as possible and donate all proceeds to UNICEF.

Geoffrey wants celebrities to take part in a video and mime the song, but he also needs to make a documentary, for it to be eligible for ‘Academy Award for the Best Original Song’. The focus of the movie is on exploring what it takes to win an Oscar. By making it, Geoffrey will generate as much publicity as possible for the song – which should help to maximize profits for the charity.

Helping Geoffrey achieve his mission is his 18-year-old daughter Ambra. They go to Los Angeles to be close to those who know what it takes to win an Oscar. A lack of funds means they have to stay with a close friend, who lives in a classy Brentwood neighborhood, two blocks away from where OJ used to live. Although Geoffrey’s friend has an office in the house, they were only given access to her Airstream Traveler in the front garden, a sweltering aluminum tin of a trailer with a broken door.

They start calling people and the first results are not encouraging, as they fail to get past receptionists, assistants – and sometimes publicists. Their director is worried they won’t get enough material to make a compelling documentary. He wants to re-enact famous movie scenes in order to at least have something to edit.

Geoffrey calls on his friends in the music and movie industry and slowly starts getting the interviews with famous people needed for the documentary. However, the investors who promised to put money into the movie are slow to commit funds, which means the marketing budget is zero.

Meanwhile, Ambra is cold-calling publicists and agents to get celebrities to appear in the music video for the song.

Will they succeed in getting anywhere with celebrities, or is their director going to need to shoot a lot of abstract footage to fill in the holes?
Not Rated
Nik Panic
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