The two make a fascinating cinematic pairing and their film slips easily into your memory to stay.



Two brothers attempt to drive a trunk full of stolen opioids from Florida to Alaska to cash in big in the Land of Gold. A split-second act of violence somewhere in the California desert derails their trip and sets them on a crash course with tragedy.

Scott Monahan's feature film directorial debut
Anchorage, written by Dakota Loesch, and starring them both, have won an impressive 11 awards at 17 film festivals across the world. Quick comparisons of Anchorage have been made to Easy Rider, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, True West, and Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. This entirely self-funded independent feature film with no name talent and an unknown first-time director has completely bucked expectations and delivers in rare form the truly independent spirit of filmmaking.

Easy Rider for the opioid age" - MSC

"An Intense Road Trip" - The Hollywood Reporter

“The most truthful and raw piece of Americana in years, an unforgettable trip into America’s Heart of Darkness.” - Torsten Neumann Oldenburg Film Festival Director

Grand Prize at the 2021 Stony Brook Film Festival.
German Independence Award for Best Picture and the Seymour Cassel Award for Best Actor for Dakota Loesch at the 2021 Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany.
Audience Award at the 2021 Laceno d'Oro International Film Festival in Italy.
Audience Award Best Feature Film at the 2022 Mammoth Film Festival
Best Picture Award at the 2022 Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival.
Best Actor Award for Dakota Loesch at the 2022 Pasadena International Film Festival.
Audience Award at the 2022 Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival.
Best Screenplay Award at the 2022 New York Film Week.
Best Ensemble Cast at the 2022 Culver City Film Festival.
Audience Award for Best Feature at the 2023 Cinema Columbus Film Festival.
Not Rated
Scott Monahan
Dakota Loesch
Scott Monahan, Dakota Loesch, Christopher Corey Smith, Woodrow Currie, Soren Royer-McHugh

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