All the Rage


All the Rage

Called the best doctor you’ve never heard of by Forbes Magazine, Dr. Sarno is a pain and rehabilitation specialist who has pioneered a successful treatment approach to chronic pain. Unfortunately, many of his practices have not been readily accepted by mainstream medicine, which tends to concentrate on profit-driven, invasive procedures. Dr. Sarno takes a mind-body approach to tackling chronic pain.

Ten years in the making, this story follows director Michael Galinsky as he chronicles his own battle with chronic pain and – at his wits ends – goes to see Dr. Sarno as his last resort. The impact is startling. We have also spoken to numerous other pain specialists and sufferers, including Dr. Gabor Mate, Larry David, and Howard Stern, who describe their own experiences with pain and Dr. Sarno’s treatment.

There will be Q & A's after the following screenings:

Friday 8/11:
2:20 Director MIchael Galinsky joined by Adam Heller of Zero Pain Now
4:50 Director MIchael Galinsky joined by Dr. David Schechter
7:20 Director MIchael Galinsky joined Writer Director Jonathan Ames

Saturday 8/12
2:20 Director Michael Galinsky
4:50 Director Michael Galinsky joined by Alan Gordon of the Pain Psychology Center
7:20 Director Michael Galinsky joined by Alan Gordon of the Pain Psychology Center

Sunday 8/13
2:20 Michael Galinsky with Jennifer Huggins, Cinical Psychologist
4:50 Michael Galinsky with guest
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David Beilinson
Michael Galinsky
Suki Hawley

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