AFF- Pulp Action, Tough Gals Shorts Block


AFF- Pulp Action, Tough Gals Shorts Block

COMBAT NUNS - A news reel of amazing warrior-like nuns through history. Cast - Laraine Kasper, Maria Lopez, Paul Townsend.

BRASXPLOITATION - A woman wrongfully prisoned hunts those who wronged her. Cast - Mariana Nunes, Mari Peixoto, Antônio Zayek, Liomar Veloso and Norval Berbari; Director/Writer: Edem Ortegal, Executive Producer: Lidiana Reis, Producer: Larissa Fernandes, Editor: Maurélio Toscano, Cinematography: Emerson Maia, Art Direction: Benedito Ferreira, Sound: Thiago Camargo, Costume Design/Makeup: Ana Simiema, Music: Geovani Maia, Motion Comics: Camaleão Caricaturas and Paulo GC  Miranda .

PERIOD PIECE - During a movie shoot, filmmakers have to fight off zombies. Cast - Jennifer Pudavick, Onalee Ames.

BIBLIOPHILIA - Librarians handling drug dealers. Cast - Shannon Pedroza, Thash Mose.

WEDDING - A bride imagines several scenarios why her groom is running late - from being kidnapped; cold feet or being a spy. Cast - Toy Lei, Sharon Brathwaite-Sanders, Mark E. Fletcher; Directed by Toy Lei, Written by Toy Lei, Sharon Brathwaite-Sanders, Mark E. Fletcher, Melissa Recalde, Jeryl Prescott Sales

KARMA - An orphan learns martial arts and as an adult becomes a spy to find the man who killed her father. Cast - Cassie Fliegel, Woody Naismith, William Christopher Ford, Steve Hedrick Ingrid Patzwahl, Mark O'Callaghan, Writer; Ingrid Patzwahl, Director, Editor.

UNMISTAKEN - A woman, about to be killed, defeats several men, then vows to kill the boss. Cast - Rayne Guest, Carl Lundstrom.

RAGE OF A VIXEN - A woman goes on a rampage to satisfy her revenge against the 12 men who attacked her. Cast - Christine Ann Vega, Al Messina, Jordan Feltner, Darryl Jones, Lee Collins, Lenin Alevante; Director - Kevin Nelson.
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