77 Minutes

Tough and emotional...gritty, no frills.


77 Minutes


On July 18, 1984, a coward walked into a restaurant in San Ysidro, CA and committed one of the worst mass shootings in history.

12/6/16 7:30PM - Playhouse, Pasadena
12/7/16 7:30PM - Noho 7, North Hollywood
12/8/16 7:30PM - Monica Film Center - Santa Monica

The Director of the film Charlie Minn will conduct Q & A’s after each screening.


Every filmmaker's job is to pursue great stories.

There are some powerful and emotional stories that a lot of people probably don't know from the 1984 San Ysidro Massacre. There were some beautiful people inside that McDonald's, shielding their bodies so others wouldn't get struck by bullets. All those people shielded survived, while only one person doing the shielding lived. One heroic individual tried to talk the killer into changing his mind, only to be murdered. Another person was shot five times but managed to crawl down twenty-five steps of stairs and hide in a basement closet while biting on a rag so the shooter wouldn't hear his moans from all the blood loss and pain. This individual went on to become a police captain.

The humanity shown inside the restaurant should be an inspiration and an
example for all of us.

Do people know these stories? Probably not. That's my job to inform, educate and raise awareness for social change. Most people become familiar with the killer through the media, when there is no use for this knowledge in society. All it does is glorify killers and create copy-cats. The victims are the true heroes and all the focus and attention should be on them. If the killer knew going in that their name wouldn't be mentioned, I believe there would be fewer murders of innocent people in our country.

I ask for your support on this important story. You will see rare video, hear
directly from the victims, and hear explanations from the police on why it
took seventy-seven minutes to finally take down the coward. At the end,
I hope people will be impacted enough to inform, educate and raise awareness to others so that the number of innocent people being murdered will be diminished.

We all need to take purposeful action.

Please join me on this journey.

Charlie Minn
Not Rated
Documentary, History
Charlie Minn

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