2014 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Live Action

Just Before Losing Everything [is] a 30-minute domestic thriller as gripping as any of the Best Picture nominees.


The 2014 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Live Action

The 2014 nominees are:

AQUEL NO ERA YO (THAT WASN’T ME): (Esteban Crespo, Spain/Spanish, 24 min.) Paula, a Spanish aid worker, has an encounter with an African child soldier named Kaney.

AVANT QUE DE TOUT PERDRE (JUST BEFORE LOSING EVERYTHING): (Xavier Legrand and Alexandre Gavras, France/French, 30 min.) Miriam has left her abusive husband and taken refuge with her children in the local supermarket where she works.

HELIUM: (Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson, Denmark/Danish, 23 min.) A dying boy finds comfort in the tales of a magical land called Helium, told to him by the hospital janitor.

PITÄÄKÖ MUN KAIKKI HOITAA? (DO I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING?): (Selma Vilhunen and Kirsikka Saari, Finland/Finnish, 7 min.) Sini tries frantically to get her family ready to leave for a wedding, but her husband and two children are interfering with her efforts.

THE VOORMAN PROBLEM: (Mark Gill and Baldwin Li, UK/English, 13 min.)
a psychiatrist is called to a prison to examine an inmate named Voorman, who is convinced he is a god.
Not Rated
Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

Two great reasons to see The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2014: Live Action - one dark and funny and wickedly existential, the other a nail-biter of a domestic drama, filled with dread. The former stars Martin Freeman, alias Bilbo Baggins, alias Dr. John Watson (opposite that Caldecott Bumbershoot ...

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