2014 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Animated

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The 2014 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Animated

the 2014 nominees are:

FERAL: (Daniel Sousa and Dan Golden, Non-dialogue, 12 min.) A wild boy who has grown up in the woods is found by a hunter and returned to civilization.

GET A HORSE!: (Lauren MacMullan and Dorothy McKim, English, 6 min.) Mickey Mouse and his friends are enjoying a wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete shows up with plans to ruin their day.

MR. HUBLOT: (Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares, Non-dialogue, 12 min.) The eccentric, isolated Mr. Hublot finds his carefully ordered world disrupted by the arrival of Robot Pet. [Winner of the Oscar in this category.]

POSSESSIONS:(Shuhei Morita, 14 min.) A man seeking shelter from a storm in a dilapidated shrine encounters a series of household objects inhabited by goblin spirits.

ROOM ON THE BROOM: (Max Land and Jan Lachauer, in English, 26 min.) A genial witch and her cat are joined on their broom by several friends as they set off on an adventure.

HIGHLY COMMENDED additional shorts:
A La Francaise
The Missing Scarf
The Blue Umbrella
Not Rated
Stephen Holden, New York Times

Once upon a time, animation was though of as a specialty craft, dutifully noted by the Oscars. In the age of computers, Pixar and blockbuster toons, innovative shorts can be steppingstones to major careers and are increasingly scrutinized as serious artworks on a par with photographic films. The ...

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