100 Days


100 Days

When a cold fish telecommunications executive returns to his small island town for his estranged mother's burial, he learns about the Taiwanese tradition that mandates him to marry within 100 days so that the parent's spirit can transition peacefully. When a typhoon leaves him stranded for three days, he rekindles a romance with his free spirited childhood sweetheart, who is engaged to marry a local villager.

2014 Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival (China's only national Film Festival)
2014 Silk Road International Film Festival (Xian, China)
2014 37th Asian American International Film Festival (New York)
2014 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (*Winner of audience award)
2013 Hawaii International Film Festival (premiere)

(A TO Z, SCRUBS, MOESHA) *Emmy Winner, director’s statement:

“A filmmaker is always looking for a good story to tell. Preferably a story that resonates with his own experience. When I read 100 DAYS, it struck a cord deep inside me, because this story is my story. It is about coming home to find what you have missed all these years. It’s about seeing yourself in the most honest way. It is about falling in love again. Immigrants like myself have long tried to fit in the new world. Sometimes by burying our old identities. Eventually we realize there is something missing, something unfulfilled, something incomplete.

“The protagonist Bo Dan rediscovers his root, his home and his first love. In the process he rediscovers himself. In this fast paced, achievement oriented world, how often do we get the chance to stop and really look deep into ourselves? How often can we relive our most cherished memories? How often we wonder what happen to our first love? How often can we go back to have a do over? In 100 DAYS, Bo Dan did just that. We can all live vicariously through him. May be, just may be we find our true selves again.”
Not Rated
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Henry Chan
Tracy Chou, Soda Voyu, Julianne Chu

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