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[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,We're extending our Pop-Corn Pop-Up program this weekend, with concession events returning to North Hollywood today (9/25) and Pasadena on Sunday (9/27). Our drive-in series also continues next Thursday (10/1) with an exclusive outdoor showing of black comedy 12 Hour Shift.New narrative releases this week include The Artist's Wife, starring Bruce Dern and Lena Olin, as well as the Italian courtroom drama Conviction, and the experimental drama Last Call, filmed split-screen in real-time. We're also offering docs about the dying days of neurologist Oliver Sacks, and housing discrimination in the United States.All the

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Last night's screening of The Dark Divide marked the inauguration of our drive-in movie series, presented in partnership with The Roadium. Save the date next Thursday, October 24, for an exclusive outdoor showing of Jessica Chastain's new thriller Ava (click here for the full series schedule).This week's stellar new virtual lineup begins with Blackbird, starring a never-better Susan Sarandon across from Kate Winslet and Mia Wasikowska. Other films include the Israeli drama God of the Piano, and a variety of new docs about culinary competitions, a band of holocaust survivors, and political corruption in modern-day

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,While indoor cinemas in Los Angeles remain closed, Laemmle Theatres is proud to present a series of socially distanced, outdoor movie events. The program, which consists of weekly screenings on Thursday nights, is offered in partnership with The Roadium, the South Bay's preeminent drive-in cinema and open-air flea market. All screenings begin at 7:30 PM, and will cost $25 per car.Our series kicks off on Thursday, September 17, with a screening of the adventure drama The Dark Divide, featuring an appearance from director Tom Putnam (buy tickets now on Eventbrite). The film, which stars David Cross and Debra Messing

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,My thoughts today are with the members of our SoCal community who have yet again been evacuated due to wildfire. For those still at home, shut your windows to lock out the smoke, and lock in the smell of hot buttered popcorn (available this weekend at select Laemmle Theatres).We begin this week's releases with dueling rock & roll documentaries: one on President Jimmy Carter, the other on legendary musician Chuck Berry. There's also a 1990's pandemic-inspired musical, a poetic ode to canine cosmononauts, and a variety of new foreign language dramas.All the best,Greg Laemmle

Dear Laemmle Fans,Laemmle Theatres is proud to introduce Pop-Corn Pop-Ups, a recurring series of concession take-out events held at our various locations. The program launches this weekend, and will continue until our theatrical operations are allowed to resume (or until we run out of corn... whichever comes first).Upcoming events:FRIDAY 9/25 from 5:00 to 9:00 PMNoHo 7 Theatre - 5240 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood 91601SUNDAY 9/27 from Noon to 4:00 PMPlayhouse 7 - 673 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena 91101Customers will be able to order from a limited concessions menu, including classic movie snacks like soda, candy, and Laemmle's signature

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,It's been a mixed week in Hollywood, as signs of light on the horizon were overshadowed by the death of rising star and real-life superhero Chadwick Boseman. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom has introduced a new set of reopening guidelines, and although indoor entertainment remains barred, we're looking at several outdoor opportunities for socially-distanced-cinema (coming soon to a large wall near you).This week's lineup features John Leguizamo's directorial debut Critical Thinking, alongside a re-issue of Claire Denis's 1999 masterpiece Beau Travail. There's also documentaries about cuban culture, art theft, and

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Although we won't be showing any movies, the doors of our Claremont location will be open this weekend for a pop-up cafe, presented in coordination with local coffee roaster The Reverse Orangutan. Payment via Premiere Card or Laemmle Gift Card is accepted, and cardholder discounts will be honored. Make sure to follow Laemmle on social media, and stay tuned for similar events at other locations.For those who'd prefer to stay in over the weekend, we've got an exciting new round of virtual releases available, beginning with an illuminating documentary on SOUL! show-runner Ellis B. Haizlip. Other bio-docs focus on

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Exactly seven months have passed since the first case of Coronavirus was identified in the United States, and it's become harder to remember what life was like back then. We've done our best since to keep bringing you new arthouse cinema every week, but I can't say I don't miss the big screen. If only there was a way to download the smell of hot buttered popcorn (pick-up concessions coming soon)...Today's new releases include documentaries Desert One, about the U.S. Government's failed 1980 attempt to end the Iranian hostage crisis, and Love Express, about the little-known-career of visionary Polish director

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Although Los Angeles cinemas remain closed until further notice from the county, next week hints at a return to normalcy, as the first major studio film since March is released theatrically. Local cases are also down from their previous high last month, and the Dodgers are humming along in second place. Things could certainly be better... but it's important to note the silver linings in between.First up this week on Laemmle Virtual Cinema is the must-see concert film Jazz on a Summer's Day, recorded in 1958. The film features countless soon-to-become legends and was a favorite of my grandfather, company founder Max

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Our thoughts are with the citizens of Lebanon today, as they contend with the crisis caused by Tuesday's disaster. For those who are able to, here is a list of meaningful ways you can help.In other news, it has now been 20 long weeks since the closure of local cinemas, and the launch of our online program. And while I wish more had changed since then, I'm grateful to see our local curve begin to flatten. As a reminder, we can all make a difference by wearing masks, washing our hands, and maintaining social distance when appropriate.New on Laemmle Virtual Cinema this week, we have the Norwegian drama Out Stealing

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Day by day, our country continues to reckon with the new realities of living through a pandemic. The return of baseball has provided a much-appreciated semblance of normalcy, although the pleasure may be a fleeting one unless the league is able to contain the ongoing outbreak amongst the Marlins roster. And in unrelated news, Hollywood quietly says goodbye to the longest lived star of its Golden Age.I'd also like to highlight some of the new releases on Laemmle Virtual Cinema this week, including excellent new documentaries concerning the American judicial system and the Paradise fire from 2018 (directed by Ron

Director Statement: Mateo Bendesky (Family Members)I have been interested in making a movie about teenagers ever since I was one myself. I felt that there was something in that transitional and confusing world worth reviving in a film, since through that process, I would be able to better understand my own teenage years.Taking that as a starting point, Family Members has two central topics: adolescence and mourning, two processes that I consider fundamental in the construction of identity and the sense of self. When I shot the film, I was interested in exploring adolescence as a middle state, as a waiting room for adulthood, where the mind and

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,I can't believe this is already our 25th Laemmle Virtual Cinema newsletter. While the proceeds from our online endeavors are dearly appreciated, they haven't replaced the box office, and many cinemas across the country are struggling to survive. For those inclined, you can help lobby Congress for an entertainment relief package by participating in the #SaveYourCinema social media campaign, led by the National Association of Theater Owners.New releases this week include the religious comedy Yes, God, Yes starring Natalia Dyer of Stranger Things, as well as the Neo-Gothic thriller Amulet from debut director Romola

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,While it looks like our reopening timeline has been pushed back due to the re-enforcement of local shutdown orders, there is hope on the horizon here at Laemmle Theatres. As mentioned last week, we're actively working on ways to better your online experience, and are excited to share details in the next few weeks. And for those who may have missed our social media posts, please click here to listen to our official statement in response to recent news regarding potential Laemmle Theatres property listings.For now, there are several new releases on Laemmle Virtual Cinema, leading off with Waiting for the Barbarians

Hi Everyone,Please find below a statement that we recorded, with some updates for the community regarding potential sale opportunities you may have read about in the news. One day, I plan to learn how to express myself using solely written language. But until that day comes, please excuse the use of film clips... I find that such shared cinematic moments are capable of conveying a message more sincerely and precisely than words alone ever could.All the best,Greg LaemmleCLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOGreg Laemmle here, with an update for our loyal patrons.You may have heard through the grapevine that our company is up for sale again.That's not the case

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,While our local officials have been busy preparing for the recent spike in cases, we've been busy here at Laemmle Theatres looking at ways to improve our virtual offerings. Thanks to your suggestions, we'll be announcing some additional features soon that we hope will simplify the user experience, including greater integration with Premiere Cards and associated benefits.We've got an awesome new lineup of films this week too, beginning with German dramas The Tobacconist and A Regular Woman. There's also a new release from Iran, and a re-issued standout from Vanuatu. On the English-language side, we have Atom Egoyan

Dear Laemmle Fans,There are some people who like movies. And then there are some people who REALLY like movies.To honor the latter category, Laemmle Theatres would like to present an interview that we recently conducted with local movie connoisseur and Laemmle super-fan, Nina Levy. Since the pandemic shutdown began in March, Nina has already watched (and rated) over 60 films available on Laemmle virtual Cinema!Pictured: Nina in her "home cinema" with her two-year-old Chihuahua-Terrier mix, Lucy (the same breed as the dog in Marona's Fantastic Tale).Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself!My name is Nina, and I’m from Los Angeles, more

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Our society has seen plenty of turmoil and confusion in the first half of 2020, so I'll keep my holiday message short and sweet this time: Happy 4th of July, America. There won't be any fireworks to catch our attention and fascinate us this year, but maybe a movie will do the trick instead.New releases this week include bio-docs on U.S. Congressional Representative John Lewis, popular photographer Elliott Erwitt, and Hong Kong activist Denise Ho. There's also an Israeli drama, a collection of animated shorts, and a deep dive into the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.All the best,Greg Laemmle

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As coronavirus case loads around the country and here in Los Angeles rise, I've been reminding myself of the good news as well: baseball is back, the Supreme Court has extended discrimination protection to transgender employees, and local bicycle sales are booming. And while Laemmle Theatres still can't offer an official timeline, we've begun to prepare for reopening once allowed to do so by county authorities.In the meantime, we continue to bring you the best in independent cinema, starting with revealing new documentaries about two influential 20th century musicians: jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, and vocalist

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,We're proud to present a a diverse lineup of films this week on Laemmle Virtual Cinema, beginning with the timely and critically acclaimed Miss Juneteenth from director Channing Godfrey Peoples, as well as (In)Visible Portraits, a historical analysis of the female experience in Black America. There's also bio-documentaries about an Israeli underwater photographer, Johnny Cash's first wife, and a long distance runner from Sudan.For those who missed it last week, we will continue to offer the immensely popular Bill Nighy comedy Sometimes Always Never, already a top performer in our virtual program. I'd also like to