Indie Discovery LA

Indie Discovery LA

A new film festival, Indie Discovery LA (IDLA) Film Series, will be starting in August 2023. It features films from independent filmmakers. Inspired by the documentary Only In Theaters, NYC indie filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake decided the best way to support fellow filmmakers and theaters was to program an entire film series – and the concept for the Indie Discovery LA Film Series was born.

The Indie Discovery LA Film Series will start in early August, and features an interesting array of indie films.
Cosmic Disco Detective Rene and the Mystery of Immortal Time Travelers directed by Ekanayake, Three Worlds directed by Amir Motlagh, and Bristol Fashion directed by Pierre Guillet. The exciting film series will show each movie at Laemmle Theater in Glendale for at least a week. Additionally, Cosmic Disco Detective Rene will be available through limited VOD release through the screening series using Vimeo starting in mid-July, and will have weekly virtual screenings with question and answer sessions through the series and Eventive starting most likely in August.

Cosmic Disco Detective Rene and the Mystery of Immortal Time Travelers

Ekanayake has been making films for years – and last year he premiered his movie The Secret Society for Slow Romance. I’ve written about the film extensively – and this year he’s created a sequel, ‘Cosmic Disco Detective Rene and the Mystery of Immortal Time Travelers.’ In this film, Rene, the happiest man in North America and a famous private detective, is hired by the US government to determine if there are Immortal Time Travelers interfering with the past – and if it presents a danger. Are the time bridges a looming threat, or something else?

Three Worlds

LA-based independent filmmaker Amir Motlagh‘s Three Worlds is an engaging and thought-provoking film explores the nature of connection, memory, and self. This fearless film from Iranian-American Motlagh features amazing cinematography, innovative story structure, and beautiful turns of narrative that can take your breath away. Motlagh’s 20 years of independent filmmaking experience gives this genre-bending and mind-bending film the expert hand it needs to guide viewers through the film’s complex story structure.

Bristol Fashion

Bristol Fashion tells the story of Christina (Lea Nayeli), a transgender woman, during a time of extraordinary chaos for her. Christina buys a boat from Esteban (Raul Perez) with the intention to embark on a long journey out of her old life. Once Esteban susses out that Christina doesn’t have a place to stay, he lets her crash on an abandoned houseboat at the boatyard that serves as the main setting.