Help Us Celebrate 75 Years of Independent Cinema!

Help Us Celebrate 75 Years of Independent Cinema!

Family Portrait

Can you believe it?  We've nearly completed our 75th year of showing great film in Los Angeles.  And for that, we have you to thank!  We're marking the occasion in a variety of ways, and we're inviting YOU to participate in each aspect of the celebration. Below are the different ways you can take part:

1. Win fantastic prizes and help the community by participating in our 75th ANNIVERSARY RAFFLE.  Prizes include a 2014 ALL-THEATRES MOVIE PASS good for you and a guest and ... a FREE PRIVATE SCREENING for you and up to 100 friends!  But it doesn't end there. In collaboration with our cultural and community partners, we've created a suite of top-tier prize packages that include film festival passes, downtown theater tickets, concert tickets, and more. Plus, you will receive a free gift just for participating! 

[Above: Our founders, Kurt and Max Laemmle with parents, ca. 1914]

CLICK HERE for all RAFFLE DETAILS, including a full prize list and how to buy your tickets. Good luck! 

Oh, and by the way, the raffle benefits the Laemmle Charitable Foundation.  "What is that?" you ask.  Well, back in 2000, Bob and Greg Laemmle established a foundation as a charitable vehicle for the family, staff, and patrons. Its mission is to give back to movie-goers by supporting inspirational non-profits working to create a better Los Angeles. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded approx. $750,000 in gifts to local organizations. For more details, including a list of past beneficiaries, visit the Foundation's website at

2. Become part of Laemmle history by taking our 75th Anniversary Survey.  This is your chance to convey your thoughts on movie-going, share great Laemmle memories, and put forth your opinions on future Laemmle endeavors.  Breeze through it in a few minutes or take as much time as you like to fully express yourself.  Either way, we promise it will be a fun and fruitful exercise.  Don't hold your punches … let us (and potentially others) know what you think! Take the survey HERE.

3. Become an official "Friend of Laemmle" and get your name in the commemorative book "Not Afraid…75 Years of Film Exhibition in Los Angeles."  (See next item for book details.) For just a $10 donation to the foundation, you will be listed in the book in our special "Friends" section.  Deadline for entry is DECEMBER 1st.  You can become an official "friend" HERE.

4. Check out our special Laemmle Tribute Book titled "Not Afraid...75 Years of Film Exhibition in Los Angeles". The book will explore the fascinating odyssey of the Laemmle Family from pre-WWII Europe to building one of the most intriguing family businesses in the entertainment capital of the world. As a Laemmle patron and fan of cinema in general, this is something you won't want to miss. The book will be available for sale after Dec. 19. Here's a tip – buy a Raffle Ticket and get your copy for FREE!

5. Join us on Dec. 17th at the Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles for a special evening as we celebrate 75 years with drinks, tapas, community presentation and a screening of Claude Lelouch's romantic classic, "A MAN AND A WOMAN", which played at Laemmle's Regent Theater in the mid-1960s for over two years! Your $100/seat ticket includes a copy of the "Not Afraid…" book as well as our 75th Anniversary T-Shir. Your ticket purchase benefits the Laemmle Family Foundation and is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.

6. Read up on Laemmle history and enjoy our brief synopsis of the past 75 years.  This article gives you a small preview of what's to come in the "Not Afraid…" book. Check it out here.

7. Stay in touch with the Laemmle Foundation.  Visit and bookmark it's new website at  Join us in creating a more livable and vibrant Los Angeles.

8. Of course, you're always welcome to visit us at your neighborhood Laemmle. We wish you fine company and fine cinema as we enter the holiday season and celebrate the completion of seven and half decades of L.A. film exhibition.

Thank you again for help making the past 75 years such a remarkable journey … and we look forward to the next 75! As we go forward, please know that you are a valued and important part of our community, both as a supporter of independent film and of our theaters.  As always, see you at the movies…