As much as he would probably like to ignore it, Tcheng refuses to turn the film's attention away from Capitalism's brutal grip on art.



America’s first superstar designer, ​Halston created an empire and personified the dramatic social and sexual revolution of the last century. Moving beyond Halston’s embodiment of 1970s glamour, acclaimed filmmaker​ Frédéric Tcheng ​reveals Halston’s impact on fashion, culture, and business.

Halston captures the epic sweep of the life and times of the legendary designer ​Roy Halston Frowick​, the man who set women free with his unstructured designs and strove to “dress all of America." While framing the story as an investigation using scripted scenes featuring actress and writer ​Tavi Gevinson as a young archivist diving into the Halston company records, Tcheng expertly weaves rare archival footage and intimate interviews with Halston’s family, friends, and collaborators including ​Liza Minnelli​, ​Andy Warhol​, ​Iman​, his niece​ Lesley Frowick, and filmmaker ​Joel Schumacher​. What results is a behind-the-headlines look into the thrilling struggle between Halston’s artistic legacy and the pressures of big business.
Documentary, Fashion, Pop Culture
Top CriticLeah Greenblatt Entertainment Weekly

A paragon of American style and self-invention, Halston—born Roy Halston Frowick in Des Moines—began his career making hats at Bergdorf for the likes of First Lady Jackie Kennedy before going on to become perhaps the most singular name in 1970s fashion. But the louche, fluid designs that helped ...

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