A movie about men who simmer with anxiety, resentment, and creative desire, and how those feelings can boil over in unexpected and horrifying ways.
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BURNING is the searing examination of an alienated young man, Jongsu (Ah-in Yoo), a frustrated introvert whose already difficult life is complicated by the appearance of two people into his orbit: first, Haemi (newcomer Jong-seo Jun), a spirited woman who offers romantic possibility, and then, Ben (Steven Yeun, THE WALKING DEAD, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU), a wealthy and sophisticated young man she returns from a trip with. When Jongsu learns of Ben’s mysterious hobby and Haemi suddenly disappears, his confusion and obsessions begin to mount, culminating in a stunning finale.

Played at

Ahrya Fine Arts, 1.18.19 - 1.24.19
Glendale, 1.04.19 - 1.17.19
NoHo 7, 12.07.18 - 12.13.18
Monica Film Center, 12.07.18 - 12.13.18
Playhouse 7, 11.09.18 - 11.22.18
Royal, 11.02.18 - 12.06.18
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 148 min
Language: Korean
FEATURED REVIEW: Sheila ]O'Malley, RogerEbert.com
Two childhood friends, who grew up in a farming village outside of Seoul, meet as adults, at random. They haven't seen one another in years. They go out for drinks and reminisce. The young woman has been studying pantomime, and she shows off some of what she has learned. She pantomim...