Night is Short, Walk on Girl

Colorful, madcap, and surprisingly sweet...the best nocturnal romp you never had, and a dizzying reignition of rom-com formula.


The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

From the visionary mind of director Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Adventure Time‘s “Food Chain”) comes The Night is Short, Walk On Girl, a comedy about one epic night in Kyoto.

As a group of teens go out for a night on the town, a sophomore known only as “The Girl with Black Hair” experiences a series of surreal encounters with the local nightlife… all the while unaware of the romantic longings of Senpai, a fellow student who has been creating increasingly fantastic and contrived reasons to run into her in an effort to win her heart.

Official Selection, Animation is Film
Winner, Best Animated Feature, Ottawa International Film Festival
Winner, Japan Academy Prize
Animated, Comedy
Richard James Havis, South China Morning Post

Odd even by Japanese standards, Masaaki Yuasa’s cool and crazy animated feature 'Night Is Short, Walk on Girl' is difficult to classify. Although the narrative does dovetail together – it is freestyle rather than anarchic – the film is a wacky mix of romantic drama, detection, philosophy, fantasy ...

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