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Wild & Scenic Film Festival

This year, the Mono Lake Committee is hosting its seventh annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Santa Monica and Sierra Madre. Each year Committee staff migrate south to Los Angeles, bringing films showcasing outdoor adventure and environmental activism.

The festival is an opportunity to connect with members and friends at the southern end of the Los Angeles Aqueduct as we celebrate a love of the outdoors, passion for the environment, and, of course, Mono Lake. The festival is also a fundraiser for the Committee's Outdoor Education Center programs. We hope to see you there!

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Music of the Spheres (5:24)
Our ancestors believed that the movements of celestial bodies were a form of music – they called it the ‘music of the spheres.’ Wanda Diaz-Merced, a blind astrophysicist from Puerto Rico, studies the universe through sound and carries on this ancient tradition. Using Wanda’s actual sounds, this film weaves a journey of a truly unique scientist.

Mothered by Mountains (15:49)
Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, Nepal’s leading female mountain guide, has been on top of the tallest peaks on Earth. When she teams up to make a first ascent with an unlikely partner – local punk-rock icon, Sareena Rai–they both find that the paths to the greatest summits lie within.

Brothers of Climbing (7:22)
How can you be what you can’t see? Mikhail Martin, co-founder of Brothers of Climbing said, “I literally typed, ‘Are there black climbers?’ in Google … someone said, ‘black people don’t climb.’” A small group of climbers began to challenge that thought. The Brothers of Climbing is a crew that’s making the climbing community more welcoming.

For Flint (18:09)
Ask any of Flint’s 102,000 residents, whose number has been rapidly declining since big auto’s exodus, and Michigan’s seventh largest city feels anything but lucky. While Flint has been shaken by a federal state of emergency fueled by the unimaginable, individuals in the community are charting a new course flowing with a hope and optimism that might just make all the difference.

Brief Intermission and Reception

A Letter to Congress (3:12)
Wallace Stegner’s 1960 letter to Congress about the importance of wilderness is the framework for a new message, one in which our unified voice can help prevent the transfer of our most valuable heritage— our public lands— to private and corporate interests.

Return from Desolation (11:28)
For Garrett Eaton, a remote and rugged section of the Green River called Desolation Canyon is more than a river; it is a place where he finds peace—and a place that brought him back from the brink to reclaim a life he almost lost. At his core, Garrett is a river guide, but his story doesn’t start here. Returning to the wild rivers and canyonlands of his youth, Garrett found true freedom—and fought his way back from the depths of addiction and despair. With each pull of the oars, Garrett reclaimed his faith, his sobriety and most importantly—his family.

The Mirnavator (11:10)
Ultra-runners overcome obstacles on every trail. While competing in her first 50K trail race of the season, Mirna Valerio must overcome the negative voices that don’t believe she belongs in the sport.

Follow Through (21:52)
People have opinions about skier Caroline Gleich: Inspirational. More model than athlete. Social media star. When she set out to complete Utah’s 90 most dangerous and difficult ski lines, she was met with laughter. In this age of hyperconnectivity, which voices do we choose to hear and which do we ignore?

Opening at

Playhouse 7 on Mar 6th
Monica Film Center on Mar 7th

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Language: English

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