A tonal hybrid that’s captivating and vicious.
--Slash Film
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After a member of her tribe sets fire to an American soldiers' camp during the War of 1812, a young female Mohawk finds herself pursued by a ruthless band of renegades bent on revenge. Fleeing into the deep woods, Mohawk youths Oak (Kaniehtiio Horn, Hemlock Grove) and Calvin (Justin Rain, Fear the Walking Dead), along with their British sympathizer friend Joshua (Eamon Farren, Twin Peaks), confront the true horrors of war and the terror of the darkest night as they're hunted by the bloodthirsty Colonel Holt (Ezra Buzzington, The Hills Have Eyes) and his small army. As the Americans seem to close in from all sides, leaving a massacred trail of destruction behind them, the trio must use every resource available to stave off brutal execution at the hands of the sadistic soldiers. But the warrior spirit is strong in Oak, and before the sun rises her pursuers will discover the full power of a righteous spirit unleashed.

Official Selection – BeyondFest 2017

Official Selection – Fantasia Film Festival 2017

Official Selection – Cinepocalypse 2017

Official Selection – Oxford Film Festival 2018

“Unlike anything else out there right now.” - Daily Dead

“Beautifully shot and bone-crushingly brutal” - The Hollywood News

“Kaniehtiio Horn soars as Oak.” - Screen Anarchy

Played at

Music Hall, 3.02.18 - 3.08.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 93 min
Language: English

Director: Ted Geoghegan
Writer(s): Ted Geoghegan
FEATURED REVIEW: Meredith Borders, Birth.Movies.Death.
'We Are Still Here' is a Fulci-drenched haunted house horror, and writer/director Ted Geoghegan surprises by following his debut film with a wild departure in 'Mohawk.' He, along with cowriter and author Grady Hendrix, examines the War of 1812, and the Mohawk Nation’s efforts t...