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SALOME the film is Oscar Wilde’s most controversial work, banned in London in the late 19th Century. This scintillating tale of lust, greed and revenge follows the legend of King Herod and his obsession for his young stepdaughter, Salomé, and her sexual baiting of John the Baptist. Wilde’s adaptation has spawned multiple stage productions, including an opera by Richard Strauss.

SALOME” is my attempt to merge play and film. The mediums can collide and my hope is to have them unify so that you're seeing pure theater on film. To make that hybrid effective has been my goal; to have the more naturalistic photogenic qualities of film complement the language-driven essence of theater." ~ Al Pacino

Can be seen as a double feature with Wilde Salome. One ticket provides access to both films if seen on same day.

Played at

Monica Film Center, 3.30.18 - 4.05.18
Rated R
Runtime: 81 min
Language: English