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Lies We Tell

Donald (Gabriel Byrne), is a salt of the earth driver you can trust. When his billionaire boss (Harvey Keitel) dies unexpectedly, Donald attempts to destroy all evidence of his late boss’s extramarital affairs to protect the family legacy, but he doesn’t count on meeting the mistress, Amber (Sibylla Deen), a hauntingly beautiful woman. Despite trying to keep Amber at arm’s length, Donald conspires to help her delete a provocative video that would implicate his boss and mean certain death for Amber. He embarks on a journey into a hidden underworld that leads him face-to-face with Amber’s notorious gangster cousin KD (Jan Uddin).

Played at

Music Hall, 2.02.18 - 2.08.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 109 min
Language: English

Director: Mitu Misra
Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Harvey Keitel, Jan Uddin, Mark Addy, Sibylla Deen