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RAKSHA (20min)
At a young age, Archana, is told that she is cursed. After an astrologer says that she is Manglik (cursed due to the positioning of Mars in her horoscope), her family tries to counteract the curse in various ways.
At 25, Archana is about to perform a ritual to cleanse herself of the curse, but finds herself in a position that might prove her horoscope true.

NIRNAY (21 min)
Haryana is facing many problems honour killing is one of them . Story is based on a small boy who want to save his sister from brutal death. Divesh and his sister are very close to each other and her family is have very reputation in village .Divesh's sister loves a lower cast boy and Her father(Satveer ) trys to marry her daughter forcefully into upper cast . one day girl is caught by villages when she was running with her lover .Then, whole village decided to burn Divesh's sister and her lover in the middle of the village to set example . This decision is killing Divesh from inside because her sister is going to die. He tries to release her sister from brutal death but didn't .So he took a decision to kill himself .

DREAMS (10 min)
A paper boy wants to invite Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam to his school annual day event. Kalam Sir accepts the invitation too. What happens next is the rest of the short film.

SHUYATA (The Void) (22 min)
Madhur works as a hitman for a gang in Mumbai. He leads a bleak
existence and a life full of regrets. He is friendly with a kid who lives on the street. Madhur sees this kid getting into crime and decides to
intervene to give the kid a chance he never had.

MUM (13 min)
An eight-year-old Mamta is struggling with her homework. She gains the attention of her always strict class teacher as she reads from the unwritten essay on Mother; leaving the class teacher distressed.

NOW U LISTEN (10 min)
A film based on Incest devised through the perspective of a hearing aid. The Story conveys how just Listening to your children can gift your child a childhood that they don't have to recover from.

Played at

Music Hall, 2.09.18 - 2.15.18

Runtime: 98 min
Language: English