Palme d’Or
Cannes Film Festival
Best Foreign Language Film
Academy Awards
[A] wickedly funny film...about a feeling problem -- the gap between what we think we feel, as kind and caring people, and the deeds we actually do.
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The Square

Christian is the respected curator of a contemporary art museum, a divorced but devoted father of two who drives an electric car and supports good causes. His next show is “The Square,” an installation which invites passersby to altruism, reminding them of their role as responsible fellow human beings. But sometimes, it is difficult to live up to your own ideals: Christian’s foolish response to the theft of his phone drags him into shameful situations. Meanwhile, the museum's PR agency has created an unexpected campaign for ”The Square.” The response is overblown and sends Christian, as well as the museum, into an existential crisis.

Played at

Royal, 2.20.18 - 2.20.18
Monica Film Center, 2.09.18 - 3.08.18
Town Center 5, 11.24.17 - 12.07.17
Claremont 5, 11.10.17 - 11.16.17
NoHo 7, 11.10.17 - 11.21.17
Playhouse 7, 11.03.17 - 11.23.17
Rated R This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 150 min
Language: Danish, English, Swedish

Director: Ruben Östlund
Cast: Christopher Læssø, Claes Bang, Dominic West, Elisabeth Moss, Terry Notary

  • Winner, Palme d’Or, Cannes Film Festival
  • Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards
FEATURED REVIEW: Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times
The title of “The Square,” the Swedish writer-director Ruben Östlund’s savagely entertaining new movie, refers to a 4-by-4-meter illuminated box etched in the cobblestones outside the X-Royal, a venerable if entirely fictional museum of contemporary art in Stoc...